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Eye infection? Go see your optometrist

Thanks to new regulations in Ontario, you don’t have to join the queue at your doctor’s or local walk-in clinic to get seen for eye infections, you can now book an appointment with your optometrist instead.

Quoting from a recent article:

“The province has approved a new regulation that will allow people with a number of eye conditions to get treatment from their optometrist instead of forcing them to see a doctor, Health Minister Deb Matthews said Wednesday…. Patients can see an optometrist for eye inflammation, infection and pain; red eye due to contact lenses; eyelid infection and inflammation; allergies affecting the eyes; superficial foreign bodies in the eyes and glaucoma.” – The Canadian Press

Read more at: Ontario optometrists now able to prescribe medication

Career connections for vision impaired employees in Canada

There’s a free service being offered by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) called CareerConnect Canada. It aims to provide “a free resource for Canadians who are blind or partially sighted to connect, network and build their careers.”

There is a webpage for it on the CNIB website where you can read about it. The service emphasizes mentoring (being a mentor and/or finding a mentor) and provides instructions and contact information to get you started. There’s some good info about industries that hire vision-impaired employees, as well as some good resource links.

Here’s the URL for the page on the CNIB website if you want to read more about it:

Here’s the URL for the page on the AFB website, too–although I think it’s likely focussed on career building in the US:

CNIB’s glaucoma survey

CNIB reports that while glaucoma tends to run in families and approximately 250,000 Canadians have it, “only one-third of Canadians (33 per cent) have spoken to their immediate families to learn whether glaucoma could be a hereditary concern.” As well, “most Canadians (71 per cent) are unaware that you could have glaucoma, but still be able to see perfectly well.” Read more here: New CNIB survey finds many Canadians less than well-informed about family history of glaucoma

What is glaucoma?:
National Institute of Health (NIH):

Anyone tried IDEAL Conference?

It’s billed as a fully accessible, 508-compliant, online conferencing system, and its accessibility feature list is too enormous to post here. Let us know if you have and what you thought. Link: hosts channel for the visually impaired

inclusive planet, who describes themselves as the best place on the web for accessible content, conversations and friends, hosts a “channel” for the visually impaired.

“This channel is to bring amazing stories related to employment of visually impaired people to you. The story tellers can be visually impaired people who are employed, are students, teachers or trainers of visually impaired, family members, etc. We believe that stories are a great source of motivation, so by sharing them we can learn from each other and achieve our goals and dreams together!”

Check them out at:

Dining in the dark

Toronto Life is carrying an interesting article about a new restaurant opening up in Toronto: O. Noir. “Blind dining” is new to Canada, but not to our partners to the south. Has anyone been? If so, tell us about your experience..

Out of sight: Toronto’s first blind dining restaurant leaves guests in the dark