Picture of the Alt key on a keyboard

ALT is a software program that allows you to navigate sophisticated software systems rapidly, perform complex tasks quickly and easily, and dramatically increase your efficiency – especially for repeatable and predictable tasks.

ALT is the fastest connection between a desire for information and the information itself. The product itself is FULLY accessible, delivering advantages for screen reader users, screen magnification users, and even for sighted people.

ALT enables the immediate delivery to the destination of choice, without the need to execute the intermediary steps to get there, and (optionally) performing an action once there. One destination could be a file in a folder buried deeply on a network. Another destination with an action might be navigating to, and completing, a Web form that previously required you to sign in, navigate a tabbed interface, and make menu selections.

Here are a few ALT advantages to consider:

  • Beam yourself to where you need to be: ALT “beams” you from any starting point to your destination in a single step. ALT clicks where it needs to click, tabs where it needs to tab, and pauses where it needs to wait – leaving you where you want to be in the first place, instantly, without the need for scripting.
  • Unleash the power of a customizable semantic interface: Instead of having to memorize sequences of non-intuitive keystrokes, give your tasks intuitive names that are connected to your thinking, and complete those tasks using those names. For example, to review audio books available through an online library, you could tap the ALT key and type “library”. ALT would then silence the screen reader, load the browser, completes all the navigation steps automatically, including passing your ID and Password, and leave you at the first-available book, announcing your arrival. You need only focus on the destination; ALT takes care of the journey steps and tells you when it’s done.
  • Gain the competitive edge: Bypassing long navigation sequences that even sighted workers perform gives you the competitive edge when performing repetitive procedures.
  • Load programs quickly: ALT uses your OS to make the right choice for processing your request to open an application. You won’t have to wonder if you’re in the right location, or think “what was that key sequence again?” to get where you need to go. If a program is already running, ALT will bring it into focus. If a file is already open, ALT will bring it into focus instead of opening another copy.
  • Eliminate repetitive typing: ALT eliminates repetitive typing, and those common cut/paste tasks, by providing a simple way to retrieve stored content you’ve already created. Focus on one perfect communication, and then use it again and again with confidence and efficiency.
  • Reduce audio-fatigue: ALT’s rapid execution of tasks means a significant reduction in the audio fatigue you face while navigating complicated UI interfaces.
  • Enhance scripting capability with Visual Basic support: Beyond its native accelerators, ALT can incorporate VB scripts under shortcut control, giving you the most complete scripting power possible.
  • Interoperability with back-office systems: ALT installs on your PC, works with all programs, and works with all screen readers, with all screen magnifiers, and with all back office systems.
  • Eliminate “Twister keystrokes”: Ever play Twister? How about on your keyboard? ALT eliminates the burden of complex, illogical keystrokes, and accelerates your interactions with your computer so you can get your work done–efficiently.
  • Enjoy fast program navigation: ALT takes care of the navigation, fast-forwarding you to the correct location for text entry or text reading, taking care of entering all your ID and passwords along the way.



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