Introductory videos:

Interviews with ALT users:

Programs and Broadcasts:

  • Tek Talk – “ALT Revisited – Entering the Fast Lane with ALT – Two Jaws-users perspectives” – August 2013
    [Accessible World Presentation]What’s better, faster or slower? Join Darren Fittler (AU) and Gary Wunder (USA) as we explore their experiences “from then and now”.We all feel increasing stress in the workplace to be efficient, increase our personal, team and organization contribution and – to simply be faster! For screen reader users there is often a frustration with how long it takes to complete routine tasks and the annoyance of having to employ so many “tricks” to use software products designed for sighted users. To this add the simple truth that many software products prevent navigation or present improper labeling resulting in the screen reader saying “button, button, button, button” as a poor substitute for meaningful identifiers.*sigh*Then, there’s ALT – able to simplify the complex tasks into simple shortcut commands, without hotkeys, converting “difficult-and-challenging” to “easy”.We had an interview with the Architects of ALT in August 2012. This year we’re going to talk to two ALT users. Spanning two continents and two very different careers, Darren Fittler (a lawyer, in Sydney Australia) and Gary Wunder (the editor of the Braille Monitor magazine, in the U.S.) will share on their experiences and the impact of ALT in their workdays. They have the common desire to work better, faster, smarter and use ALT to help in their jobs – daily.
  • National Association of Blind Lawyers (USA) – interview between two lawyers using ALT presented at the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) annual conference in July 2013
  • Accessible World – Tek Talk presentation and audience questions August 2012.
  • AMI Interview with Rob Nevin and Kelly MacDonald

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