U-R-Able works with adults experiencing the interruption of vision loss to allow them to remain engaged in their careers. Through the creation of Smart Environments coupled with Universal User Interfaces, we allow seamless access to workplace information, for front- and back-office environments.

Our team – dedicated to providing enabling technology to blind and partially sighted people in North America.

Our work – to ensure the continuance of a vibrant and fulfilling life for the benefit of our clients, their employers and their families.

By coupling current technology with simple RFID tags, we create Smart Environments dramatically improving the work for people who are blind or work with low vision. Smart Environments allows blind employees to remain engaged in their workplace and contribute meaningfully through their work.

Fingers holding a small RFID tag

U-R-Able is the exclusive North American provider for Dräger & Lienert Information Management, Marburg, Germany.

Since 1989 our German team has provided technical solutions for persons working with vision loss. Our customers are working daily with the common desire to be fullfilled in their career in each of these disciplines:

  • Government Ministry workers
  • Court House staff and Judges
  • University staff
  • Lawyers
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Journalists
  • Engineers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Scientists
  • various other disciplines

“We focus simply on the differences between the functions of a sighted person and those of a blind person. Then we try to compensate for the missing parts using customized technology. Thus, persons who are blind do not depend on the mercy of others, but earn their own money and gain high self esteem”.

H.Lienert, founder


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